We Are Welnys

Welnys was conceived when our founder, who traveled a lot for work, noticed that her company had a very different health and wellness experience at each office she visited. She wondered, why do employees at the same company have different levels of access to wellness support? Eventually, she learned that this was because no one knew what was going on! They didn’t know what services they offered employees, who participated, or if the programs had any impact. Why? Because there was no centralized way for the company to manage and measure their program across their 19 locations. Our founder thought this was crazy, and so Welnys was born.

Today, Welnys is a marketplace for on-premise workplace health and wellness services. We connect companies to vetted health and wellness professionals in yoga, nutrition, mobile medical and more, coordinate the services, and give employers digital tools to manage and measure their program.

With Welnys, employers can create, manage and measure the programs employees want; vendors are matched to jobs that are safe, recurring and profitable.

And our founder’s employer who inspired it all? Well, they’re one of our customers now.


contact@welnys.com or 720-924-2351

Meet The Team



CEO and Founder. Heather is the head of whatever-needs-to-get-done.

Wellness superpower: Practicing hatha yoga for 17 years.

Fun Fact: Speaks German.



Operations. Pam keeps all of the details in order here at Welnys.

Wellness superpower: Certified Yoga instructor specializing in chair yoga.

Fun Fact: An award-winning television producer.



Head Welnys Concierge. Gizelle keeps our customers and our providers happy.

Wellness Superpower: Licensed massage therapist and reiki master.

Fun Fact: Gizelle was a professional mime.



Head Dog. Bailey is our spirit animal and animal wellness ambassador.

Wellness Superpower: Does a mean down-dog and is a short-distance runner.

Fun Fact: Once ate a toad.

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