Getting Down-ward Dog at Work


Any corporate wellness program should incorporate a yoga practice. Whether you own a small or large business, there are many ways you and your employees can benefit from office yoga. It is a fun way build rapport, stretch your muscles and who knows, maybe even increase overall productivity. If you aren’t convinced, here are ways yoga improves productivity in the workplace.

Alleviates physical ailments

Due to the nature of your work, most people might suffer from physical injuries that are better treated with yoga.  Physical problems, aches, and pain affects your employees' productivity. Office yoga relieves pain leaving your employees fresh and ready to perform.

Improve concentration and focus

Endless meetings, stressful deadlines, and other work-related issues can cause mental clutter that affects your employee’s productivity. Yoga breathing exercises and meditation provide the much-needed help and leave you alert, mindful and focused.

Increase morale and positivity

If you don’t feel well physically, emotionally or mentally, you won’t expect your morale to be high. If you are energetic and focused, you will have higher morale and positivity. Adding office yoga to your corporate wellness program will ensure your employees are emotionally, mentally and physically well. It also leads to increased creativity and higher self-confidence.

Relieve stress

Nowadays we have to deal with work, family, and other obligations that cause stress. Aside from physical and mental illness, stress greatly affects employee productivity. Corporate wellness programs are the only remedy for relieving stress. Office yoga should be a key ingredient in this program.

Reduces fatigue and increase energy

Sitting for long hours has the same effects as smoking cigarettes according to studies- it causes fatigue. Yoga activities for 30 minutes reduces fatigue and increases energy.

Adding office yoga to your corporate wellness program is one way of helping your employees to live a relaxed, focused and healthy life. Once you achieve this, you will enjoy more productivity and increase revenue at the end of the day. Even just a ten-minute yoga session will help relieve stress, reduce fatigue and help one stay focused. Some simple yoga breathing exercises and stretches will alleviate aches and pain and help you to have happy and productive employees.