A Yoga Lesson From Steve Jobs


What set Steve Jobs apart as the greatest mind of our generation? Grit? Ruthlessness? Sacrifice? 


But the final lesson the great teacher left us with might be the most telling. At Steve Job's funeral, he distributed a copy of the book Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yoganada. He had read the book every year during his life. 

Today's business leaders are focused on data, growth, and revenue. But for a leader to truly stand out from the crowd, they must extend this constant drive forward into their personal mental focus. 

Jobs understood this from a young age, and it truly set him apart as a leader. After spending time during his youth in India,  Jobs became devoted to the practice of yoga and meditation modeled after Yoganada. On this trip, Jobs realized that it was not the place he was in that could enhance his spirituality, but his state of mind. Throughout his career, he took this perspective and applied it to every decision he made. He thought through how every action would influence him internally before he considered the external ramifications. 

Every time his coworkers told him an idea was too crazy, or that there was no market for such a thing,  Jobs trusted his intuition. For Jobs, the physicality of yoga practice was simply an avenue to achieve inner enlightenment and strength. 

It comes down to this: you have to believe in yourself before someone else will. By using tools such as yoga and meditation,  Jobs was able to fortify his mind and become the leader we all know him as today. 

How can you apply this leadership strategy within your own company?

HealthSusanna Arntzz