The Rules, When Company "Culture" Rules


Top applicants know they have options- and they are looking for a workplace that will help them be their best selves in all aspects of their lives. Companies are now implementing office wellness programs as an essential part of their recruiting strategy. Flexible hours, company-wide wellness programs and remote work options are all things that employee today prioritize when searching for a job.  Here are some of the recruiting upsides to implementing a corporate wellness program - to help you compete against the Facebooks and Googles of the world. 

Personal Development

Many of today's top candidates are from a younger demographic. These people are most attracted to workplaces that will encourage their personal growth both in their career and in their personal lives. Office wellness programs help workers to be more creative, productive and driven to achieve their goals. Highlighting this method during recruiting is essential to making them feel at home. 

Create a culture fit environment

Finding the right employees is not easy- each workplace has a unique culture, and you want to represent this culture in the best possible way as an employer.  When your employees feel as if you are making long-term investments in them, they will feel much more invested in you, and your turnover will sharply decrease. These programs are an overt a way of illustrating how the company invests in the overall well-being of employees.


Making your workplace into a community should be an ultimate goal.  Once your employees have a sense of community within your company, they become excited to go to work each day and interact with their teams. Office wellness programs help employees feel like they are part of a team and provide that sense of community they are yearning to get.

Build a work-life balance

The most valuable employees are probably already wearing many hats outside of the workplace.  Sometimes balancing these responsibilities on top of work and making time for individual wellness is exhausting. By reducing one less thing an employee has to coordinate on his or her own, they will be more invested in their work day to day. 

Nowadays companies are looking to employ top talents, but when competitors are putting culture first, they will win out every time. To stay ahead of the game, implementing a strong and comprehensieve wellness program will make all the difference.