Don't Buy the $6 Coffee


Sometimes organizational excellence is not determined by the experience and skills we have, but by also how our bodies function day to day. The most qualified employee will not be able to bring his best to the table if his body is fatigued. Imagine putting in the time to prepare for a project only to feel sick and unable to continue or meet your deadlines.  Illnesses and fatigue are just some of the results of living an unhealthy lifestyle.  To keep your company running smoothly, one important factor is ramping up the nutritious office snack game. Here are some pro tips to keep in mind. 

Fight off Snack Attacks  

Sometimes you need to make sure your employees are eating healthy by keeping a few snacks for them in the office. Think of items like dried fruits, protein bars, fat-free, fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts. These things are great office snack ideas to embrace. By incorporating these healthy items instead of junky snacks, your employees will stay full, satisfied, and energized for longer, and you won’t have to refill the pantry quite as often.  

Avoid Too Much Fancy Coffee

You can find a coffee machine in every office and a boutique coffee shop on every street corner. Coffee has taken over. But does this mean you need to perpetuate the coffee regime? Not really. According to research, morning office tea or coffee packed with honey, cream, syrups and whole milk lead to extra calories which in turn affects your work performance by making you more sluggish in the long run. Why not think about adding something like fresh fruit and vegetable juices in the morning instead?

Don’t Overcompensate  

Although dried fruit is delicious, it’s important to keep food around that is palatable for everyone. Every office has a wide range of employees on different levels of their health journey, and stuffing the snack drawer full of leaves can feel exclusionary, and leave some feeling like they have nothing to eat. They might end up with lower energy than before. Snacks like popcorn are a happy medium between healthy and delicious.  

But do Hydrate! 

Water is essential in all corporate wellness programs. It’s essential after exercise, before a big meeting, and even when eating a snack. When you decide to stock your break room, don’t forget to add water as the first option. 

There are many things you can do to make sure you and your employees have a healthy life. Start by adding healthy office snack to your programs. Some of the benefits include: 

  • Increased performance 

  • Decreased stress and improved focus 

  • Decreased tiredness and fatigue 

  • Improved physical and mental status. 

Working in an office doesn’t have to mean you forget about health. That’s why adding corporate wellness programs which include office nutrition is an essential way to show the team you care.  

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