Extreme Makeover: Lunch Edition


Where are you when 12:00 rolls around? Some people use lunchtime to relax with colleagues while treating themselves to a $15 salad, and others use the time to run errands before being relegated to their desk for the rest of the evening. But this precious time in your workday should ideally include more than meeting basic needs. Here are some better ways you can spend your lunch break.

Meditate after your BLT

A true break from work should always involve a scenery change. More and more people eat their lunches at their desks, but this isn’t the best way to prime your mind and body for a more productive evening work session. Moving into a calming space and spending a few minutes practicing meditation should be on the list of things you do during your lunch break. Mediating is good for your mind and body. It also helps you achieve focus, combat depression and anxiety, and clear your brain.

Practice Mindfulness

In the same vein, practicing mindfulness during your lunch break helps you cultivate attention and avoid being judgmental. Mindfulness helps you live in the present moment. When you are aware of where you are and have a clear objective, you will naturally become more accomplished at work. You won’t be overwhelmed with issues or get over-reactive.

Move your Body through Yoga

Nothing soothes the mind and soul like yoga. Yoga can be done anywhere, anytime, but if you are in an office working and feeling tired or anxious, why not try to participate in your office yoga program. Don’t worry- nobody will base your skills as an analyst on your flexibility (or lack thereof.)

Get a Massage, You’re Fancy

Nowadays, high-performing companies often bring in chair massage therapists to cater to staff overall wellbeing. These moments of pampering help to:

  • Reduce stress

  • Increase productivity

  • Improve creativity and focus

  • Decrease absenteeism

  • Motivate the staff

Give yourself more reasons to look forward to your lunch break. Spending your lunch break eating at your desk while continuing with your work is a formula to assure a long, sedentary day. Make changes and use this break to recharge as you prime for a great afternoon.

HealthSusanna Arntzz