How to Break Mental Health Taboos At Work


Mental Health Matters at Work

People are finally listening to the conversation around mental health, as we continue to uncover the impact that these illnesses have on so many people. And now more than ever, mental health awareness is something that needs to be incorporated into the dialogue in the workplace. From smoking caseation programs to workout classes, companies are expanding wellness programs within their companies. However, without a component that addresses your employees' mental health these programs are incomplete. Most people in offices suffer from work-related stress and anxieties that can be managed via a mental health program. Why are these sometimes touchy subjects so important to address and break down within the context of the workplace? 

Encourage Conversation

Anxiety surrounding work and obligations is real and ever-present. Holding a conversation about mental health helps encourage engagement and healthy mindsets in the workplace. These conversations help employees feel less alone and deal with emotional and mental health matters head-on.

Combat the Stigma

Unlike a broken bone, mental health issues are not easy to detect. People with these kinds of issues often attempt to push negative thoughts and feelings aside, while others refuse to acknowledge them completely. Adding mental health services to your corporate wellness program is an excellent way to provide much-needed information on symptoms, issues, risk factors and encourage employees to get the help they need.

Address stress promptly

Providing mental health programs in your workplace is an excellent method to help people feel less alone about their common issues.  Many such programs include stress-management solutions, and help your staff get on top of their stress-related issues.

Foster a healthy life-work balance

Having mental health conversations within the safe space of a corporate wellness program helps your staff work towards a healthy work-life balance. These programs encourage staff to take lunch breaks, holiday allowances, leave on time and do beneficial and relaxing things during this time away from their desks.

Provide professional help

Many people dealing with stress and mental health matters are afraid to come out in the open are pursue these initiatives on their own. Starting mental health programs within your company will help your staff converse, find resources, get real professional help and, in the end, improve their quality of life.

There are many reasons why you need to add mental health programs to your corporate wellness programs. You could also consider initiating free and confidential counseling by hiring a part-time trained counselor. Remember, your workers' health is the key to your company’s success. Don’t be afraid of trying out these methods!