Why Meditation Isn't Just For Snobs


Life can be difficult and confusing, particularly when balancing a demanding job. Combining stress at home, within relationships, and at work can cloud the mind and decrease creativity and productivity.

However, adopting programs that incorporate meditation at work will go a long way in allowing employees to de-stress, maintain a clear focus, and improve productivity. Here are the reasons why meditation at work, works. 

1. It Melts Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress are recipes for illness and disease. When you let these feelings linger in your body, anxiety and stress will affect the efficient functioning of the mind and brain. Your energy is directly correlated to the stress levels in your body, and that stress can be debilitating.  By encouraging the people in your office to set aside time to clear their minds and focus on breathing, it will be possible for the mind to take a mini vacation from the stress and anxiety. 

2. It Makes You More Fun to be Around

Meditation reduces irritability, improves creativity and memory, and increases happiness and emotional stability. In a workplace where interpersonal relationships are more important than ever, having these levels under control plays a huge part in your success as an employee and a leader in the workplace.  Taking the time to meditate at work improves the ability of the mind to focus and raises awareness. 

3. It Helps You Stay Present

Meditation at work allows employees to purposefully be present. Working on laptops and on our phones makes it easy to get distracted by the myriad of other stressors in everyone's life. Being able to live in the moment enhances concentration on the task at hand. Being able to focus on the present is hugely beneficial in accomplishing the tasks in front of you. 

4. It Boosts Creativity

To stay on top of the game at work, employees have to bring their most creative ideas to the table. Meditation at work allows employees to be free from lingering thoughts which inhibit their creative abilities. Their mood improves and they feel happier to get the work done. Meditation provides a sense of clarity and allows people to spend time alone with their ideas.   

Clinton Fairwell

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