The Recruiting Hack Nobody's Talking About


How can you make moves to attract top talent to join your company? 

To entice employees who add value to your company, you need to provide value to them. 

Wellness in the workplace is one of the most important drivers of productivity today. Well-informed employers have long understood that integrated office wellness programs are essential parts of benefits programming, and are key to attracting and retaining top talent. Top performers know the importance of maintaining a balance between work and health; hence, they always find time to engage in a wellness program to manage work-induced stress.  

A strong office wellness program is an essential recruiting tactic, as it can be used to drive employee engagement and retention, and to promote mindfulness. Here's how office wellness programs can attract and help to retain top talent.

1. Corporate Culture

Finding the right employees goes beyond resumes, CVs, and credentials. The primary goal of any recruitment process is to find an individual that will add value and blend well with the existing team for a significant growth in overall productivity. As a result, an organization that prioritizes health and wellness, and emphasizes corporate wellness will be able to attract candidates that share similar values.

Office wellness programs will portray the company’s corporate culture for wellness and instill the company’s ideals in the potential employees by “showing” them rather them “telling” them the values of the company. Top talents are practical, and as a result, will be attracted to a workplace that integrates a healthy lifestyle instead of supplementing it.

2. Work-Life Balance

In most cases, employees will play several roles at home, in their families, and at work, and need to be able to balance these responsibilities while catering to their physical and mental wellness. Corporate wellness will help to maintain the productivity of the workers and ensure that they do not break down due to unnecessary pressures. 

3. A Sense of Community and Belonging

Starting a new job can be intimidating especially for graduates working for the first time. Office wellness programs can be included in the recruiting tactics to provide a gateway for new talent to feel like a part of the family immediately and have a sense of belonging. Corporate wellness programs help to create a community for the employees to bond and grow together. 

4. Personal Development      

Top talents are attracted to employees who are concerned with the personal growth and development of their employees. This can be achieved by encouraging the wellness of the employees. Healthy employees are productive, creative, and achieve excellent results.