AlleyWatch: The 11 NYC Startups That Hit the Stage at ERA Demo Day

A solidifying force in the NYC Tech scene, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA) is graduating its 14th cohort of 11 startups that each received $100K in investment and mentorship from a pool of 400+ experts for the four month program.The midtown-based accelerator, led by Murat Aktihanoglu and Jonathan Axelrod, showcases startups that cover a range of functions from fintech analytics to corporate wellness.


Founded in 2016 by Halston Prox and Joshua Smith, HealNow is an on demand online ordering system for prescription drugs, over the counter medications, and medical equipment that allows pharmacies to manage their customer demands.

Spin Analytics

Founded by Panos Skliamis (ING, Axiom) in 2015 in London, Spin Analytics allows the financial services industry to use AI, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics to convert their data into actionable intelligence through its platform. Its RISKROBOT product helps financial institutions build sophisticated Credit Risk Modeling tools and frameworks.


Founded by Sara Nadel (Harvard and Stanford alum) in 2016, StellarEmploy is a job matching platform that uses compatibility to determine fit based on preferences of both the applicant and employers.   Focused on hourly workers where there is a high degree of turnover, the platform is already in use at Dunkin Donuts and DoiT, delivering savings in hiring costs and improving retention.


Founded in 2016 by Heather Waibel (Paypal), Welnys is a B2B platform that connects wellness providers to corporations that are seeking to use these services. The company is already working with some notable clients like PayPal, OrderUp, and Stanley Black & Decker. According to Politico, corporate wellness in the US is an $8B industry expected to grow at 7.8% through 2021. Globally, its $40B and only 9% of the workforce has access to wellness programs at their companies.

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Susanna Arntzz